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Committee deadlines

Academic Quality Assurance Committee (AQAC)

AQAC 03/2020- Item 4. Matters Arising from the Minutes

Recent College student survey questionnaires - Joint Colleges of Science and ANU College of Law to share with ADEs, DVC (A) and PVC (E) recent student survey questionnaires. Please contact: Anna Cowan or Vivien Holmes. As soon as possible.

AQAC 03/2020- Item 4. Matters Arising from the Minutes #2

Cases for English Language Equivalency (CELE) 2019 Report - The ANU staff member (responsible for confirming satisfactory proficiency at the end of the third month of enrolment/candidature) is to submit their report via the respective ADE. Admissions will provide to ADEs information on the respective cases.
Date29 May 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 21. Disclosure of Information by Students with Disability or Illness Policy and Procedure.

Committee members to provide feedback on the proposed revisions to the policy and procedure.
Date18 June 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 25. Report: Flexible Double Degrees—Assessing Project Objectives

AQAC members to provide feedback on the recommendations in the paper (noting that the recommendation on flexible vertical double degrees does not apply to fixed vertical double degrees).
Date18 June 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 28. Grade incidents reports review 2017- 2019

The College of Health and Medicine and the College of Engineering and Computer Science to provide resolution feedback from incidents in Attachment A.
Date18 June 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 4. Matters Arising from the Minutes #3

Courses (not taught at least once over the past three years) and low or zero enrolled courses. ADEs to provide (for their colleges) a list of any retained courses (not taught at least once over 2017-2019) together with the rationale of each as well as any action taken to address low or zero enrolled courses (any of these courses being taught in 2020 should be identified). Email to : and
Date25 June 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 7. Recording and reporting student grades: incident reporting – internal audit

ASQO to work with ADEs to provide a revised paper to AQAC 04/2020.
Date2 July 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 30. Working Party and Review Implementation Plans (Standing Item)

Post-Covid 19, Academic Integrity Implementation Working Party recommendations will be addressed as a priority. Members to advise of any recommendations that need to be addressed as a priority in the ANU Graduate Coursework Working Party (1) and PhB and Undergraduate Research Degrees Review (4).
Date2 July 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 9. Unresolved Coursework Results

All Colleges will finalise all interim and unresolved grades identified for Summer, Autumn and Semester 1 2019 (and earlier terms) by 9 July 2020.
Date9 July 2020

AQAC 03/2020- Item 8. Report on number of cancellations for non-payment of fees 2019

PPM and DSAAS to work with DVC (SUE) and PVC (International) to replace this report with a report that will focus on the issues affecting student retention. The report will include the cancellation for non-payment of fees figures. PPM (Richelle Hilton) & DSAAS (Ariel Edge). AQAC 05/2020 – papers are due by COB 27 August 2020 to
Date27 August 2020